Formovie Mini Projector Dice
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Formovie Mini Projector Dice

Cikkszám: Formovie Mini Projector Dice
Készletinfó: Raktáron
246 500 Ft

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Hívj: +36 30 999 9547

Raktáron levő projektoraink üzletünkben kipróbálhatók! További információkért keressen minket elérhetőségeinken.

A large image in a small space

The 100-inch 1080P full HD screen can be projected 2.5m away from the wall. You can also project any screen size of 40-200 inches by adjusting the distance.

A large image in a small space

True full HD, brighter and more realistic

By using the latest DLP® technology, Dice can provide clearer, crisper images with its 1080P physical resolution.

True full HD, brighter and more realistic

DTS & DOLBY dual-certified sound quality

Excellent sound quality with DOLBY + DTS dual certification. Through more natural and lifelike sound effects, brings an all-new audio experience and creates an immersive acoustics experience.

Certified Android TV 9.0

Dice's built-in Android TV 9.0 operating system and Google Play Store allow
you to access countless TV shows, documentaries, sports coverages, movies,
games and podcasts.

4-Point keystone correction

Dice supports side projection function, which can be ±45° trapezoidal proofreading for left, right, up and down.

Auto focus

Dice is equipped with a focus camera on the front of the fuselage, which can automatically focus on the screen after power on. Just press the power switch and a clear picture can be presented.

Auto focus

More useful features, to get more fun

More comfortable visual experience

More comfortable visual experience

Dice uses the diffuse reflection principle to image, it can protect the eyesight of children and the elderly.
Support Chromecast

Support Chromecast

With Google Assistant, whatever you want to see, just press the voice button on the remote and say it!
Google Assistant

Google Assistant

It can connect your phone, tablet, laptop with one click, and is also easy to play on a big screen
16000 mAh built-in battery

16000 mAh built-in battery

Dice is equipped with a 16,000 mAH battery, wonderful and uninterrupted anytime, anywhere.
More useful features, to get more fun



Recommended picture size

155 × 125 × 60mm/6.1 × 4.9 × 6.3in
60’’ to 120’’



2.2kg / 4.9lb



Mineral grey



HDR 10

Light engine

Refresh rate

4-Channel RGB LED
60 Hz

Native Resolution

Color space

FHD(1920 × 1080)
>85% NTSC


Audio codec

700 ANSI Im
Dolby Audio, DTS-HD

Throw Ratio


1.2 : 1
Full-range × 2(10W in total)
*The battery capacity is 60.86 Wh (with loss deducted), the full capacity is equivalent to 16000 mAH/4.2V of the power bank.
*The best picture size is 60-120 inches; the adjustable picture size is 40-200 inches.
*ALPD®, the laser fluorescent display technology, is based on the technical route of laser-stimulated fluorescence and hybrid multi-color laser for image display. ALPD® is a technology widely used in cinema laser viewing halls.
*25,000 hours is the average service life of the light source, and it is estimated based on the average use of 4 hours per day in a normal environment.
*Support HDR10 decoding: means that the processor supports HDR10.
*Actual product brightness may differ based on the specific test software version, testing environment, and product version.
*The actual shooting effect under the light of the environment, the actual use will have different effects depending on the ambient light intensity.

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